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Private residential care since 1998

Lake Ridge Healthy Living

Private residential care home since 1998

Lake Ridge Healthy Living

Private residential care home since 1998

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Our Purpose is to provide extraordinary care and

Peace of Mind

in a home environment.


About Our Care Home

KWTX News 10 Waco, Texas ran a special feature on Lake Ridge Healthy Living.
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Caregiving started at an early age for me. I was the caregiver for my special needs sister. Later in adult life the opportunity to provide care to a fellow church member developed into an ongoing business of caring and compassion. Business has now moved into its twentieth year. 


We are the furthest you can be from a institutional setting - we don't treat our residents like patients with a room number, they are part of our family.  We pride ourselves on easing the transition for seniors who can no longer care for all their basic needs independently. We believe that this is best accomplished in a residential home setting. 


 Walking into my home, it does not smell institutional; it smells like mom's kitchen.  The kitchen is well used in our home to delight every individual's craving, likes and dislikes.  We cater to any and all dietary needs and we pamper our residents with home cooked, diverse, and nutritious meals.  Our care is not only for our residents, it extends to their family - we provide the family with peace of mind that their loved one is getting the best possible care.

We encourage family of all ages to visit often, and even share a meal with their loved one.  As can be seen in our photo gallery we don't miss an opportunity to celebrate our residents birthdays, or other special occasions. We routinely have "Family Meal" where we encourage the families to join our residents for lunch or dinner.  Food and social interactions are important components in making our home seem as close to "home" as possible to our residents.


Safety, cleanliness, and hygiene are a must in my home. Keeping up appearance of hair, nails and makeup are encouraged and part of daily routine. We love to help our residents maintain their dignity and independence as if they were in their prime and had the ability to maintain their own lifestyle. 

In large institutional facilities there is not enough staff to accommodate the needs of individual care needs. Most families eventually hire private sitters, in addition to the cost of the facility fees, to give their loved ones the immediate attention their loved one deserves. At such commercial homes the costs of hiring a full time staff to care for your loved one can be overwhelming.


Our primary caregivers are consistently the same.  This gives us the ability to immediately identify physical, psychological and emotional changes that require medical or emotional attention for our residents. Always staffed with only caring and genuine workers, the home maintains a 2:3 ratio of staff to elderly.


It is an honor and pleasure to be able to serve and care for your loved ones. We thank the community and past family members that have trusted in the care our home has and will continue to provide your loved ones.

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-Uni Murphy, Owner and Caregiver

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