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Specializing in Long Term, Palliative and Hospice Care.

We also offer Senior Day Care and care during short term Physical Rehabilitation needs.

Long Term, Hospice
Long Term Senior Care - Palliative and Hospice
Day Care

Our primary purpose is to provide extraordinary and personal long term health care:  both palliative and hospice, in a residential home environment.  Moving from one's home to an institutional setting such as a nursing home can be a very traumatic event for a senior with health issues who needs more than just occasional assisted living aid.  Our facility is as close to home as possible.  Each resident has their own room (some rooms are available with a private bath), yet the rest of the home is just that - a residential home, open for their use.  All meals and snacks are provided and prepared for the residents by staff.  Any residents who are unable to feed themselves are hand fed by the staff.  Showers, oral hygiene, assistance using the toilet, are provided by staff.  Our home has long term working relationships with all the major home health care and hospice providers in Waco.


We also provide relief for caregivers.  Many seniors are now cared for at home by family members.  As these caregivers know, this is a demanding, tiring and full time commitment.  With a 24 hour notice so we can provide adequate staffing, we can care for your loved one for a day, a week or a month should the caregiver need a break, need a vacation, or have conflicting business obligations.

Senior Day Care

Our residential care home also offers an ideal environment for those needing a short term residence for convelescence or physical rehabilitation. 

Special Features on the Local News of Lake Ridge Healthy Living

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AARP Suggested  Checklist

Special occasions are special at Lake Ridge Healthy Living. 


We love to celebrate our loved ones birthdays, anniversaries and other family events.  Food, family and fellowship.

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