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"After a serious conversation with a physician at a local hospital that my mother had only a few days to weeks to live, my father and I decided that my mother would need to move to Lake Ridge Healthy Living for her “final days.” These “final days” turned in to almost two years. This was only possible due to God’s grace, excellent hospice care and the devotion provided by Uni  and her remarkable staff.


From day one my father and I no longer had to worry about my mother’s safety, her meals, her medications or whether there would be someone ready to happily help her with anything she asked. We found comfort in knowing my mother would not have a revolving door of new caregivers but instead a happy and professional staff. 

Due to my mother’s condition she was unable to use her hands in taking care of herself. The caregivers became her hands so that her personal needs such as eating, brushing her teeth, putting on makeup, fixing her hair, bathing and toileting could be accomplished. Never was a “wait a minute," “I’ll do it later,” “I’m doing something else,” ever uttered by a caregiver. My mother was definitely respected as a valuable person with medical issues.

Uni and staff became like family members to each one of us who visited, loved and sat with my parent. She hosted celebrations for the holidays and other special life events inviting our friends and family as her guests. From a birthday luncheon for 25 to a special anniversary dinner of lobster and steak honoring the 64th wedding anniversary of my parents, Uni made every day special.

Experiencing someone’s final days could be difficult and confusing. Uni and our hospice nurse sat with us for hours.  They were not only being sure my mother was comfortable they were being sure we understood and were comforted on our part of her journey. We can look back on my mother’s experience with calmness and appreciation and be thankful. 

If you are making a decision for the care of someone important to you I couldn’t recommend a better home than Lake Ridge Healthy Living. It is a warm, clean, happy environment with delicious meals and properly administered medications and care. It will be a place where not only your loved one but you will be nurtured and cared for."

-Ruth Miller

"Our parents lived next door to Uni Murphy and her wonderful care center for many years.  When our father broke his hip and due to complications became terminal, he chose to go to Uni’s home for his final care.  


He knew that Uni and her wonderful staff would not only care for him, but also make sure his beloved wife would take care of herself and be able to devote all of her attention to him in his last days. 

As a family we were always welcomed and fed wonderfully.  Uni and her staff go out of their way to help the residents and families recognize and enjoy each season and holiday uniquely with wonderful food and a loving atmosphere. Three years after our father died, our mother chose to go stay with Uni to recuperate from a long illness.   Uni told her she would make her strong and well again – which she did.


We thank Uni and her great staff for all the love, compassion and help they provided our father and mother and our family."

-Jim, Marcia, Cindy, Ken and Phill Hoge

"The Last thing you want to say to your Mom is to tell her she can No Longer stay in her Own Home. This was one of the hardest conversations I ever had when I was faced with that decision. Fortunately my wife and I had met with someone who seemed genuine in her desire to care for the elderly. That someone was Uni Murphy. 


There really are not enough accolades to give about the care your loved one receives while in her care. I not only recommend Uni Murphy’s care, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Uni Murphy's care at Lake Ridge Healthy Living.  

If you are faced with parent or relative that can no longer adequately care for themselves, and you desire to have the Best, most Caring facility, look no further than Uni Murphy and her entire staff.  It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. 



-Richard Shellenberger 

"The word SUPERB is not adequate; She is better than that. I sat with my wife every day for almost two years. There was never a time where I observed any unhappy or upset caregiver. My wife was an excellent cook, Uni might have been able to out do her. Eggs Benedict, Prime Rib, Asian Ribs, were not unusual. EXCELLENT food.


On special days, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas; Any day was made special by Uni. Both 

Both my wife and I were graduates of Baylor, we were interested in seeing the televised sports. Uni made this possible with the cable and flat screen tv provided. 

Rest assured if you are interested in what I think is the best place in Waco; Lake Ridge Healthy Living is the place for your loved one."

-Reese Killian

Seeing Uni care for her residents has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Her wonderful caregivers have been with her a long time, and her consistent "hands on deck" ratio is unparalleled in our community. But far beyond such intentional personal attention, Uni and her team truly LOVE their residents and it gives them joy to dote on them. I could cite many examples of their above-and-beyond thoughtfulness, but here are three brief glimpses:


Uni takes every opportunity to "celebrate" at her house! On one such occasion dubbed “Hawaiian Night,” Uni carefully hand-made each resident a lei from fresh, fragrant yellow roses ... Who does that??? Only someone special who thrives on bringing joy to others!


Without exception, the food is AWESOME!!! It's not only delicious, but the presentation is lovely -- beyond all expectations. Knowing that my aunt loved Mexican food, Uni served amazing Mexican dinners, complete with a margarita if my aunt wanted one … and one day they even surprised her with sombreros and singing to make the "total experience" fun for her.


 When my aunt casually mentioned "I think puppy breath is the sweetest smell in the world," Uni put out an APB on Facebook and the very next day, she had friends bring puppies to visit her! It's obvious that it feeds Uni's soul to please her residents. My only regret? I wish we had discovered Uni’s home sooner. If so, we would have moved my aunt there MUCH earlier. A sense of trust, safety, and contentment visibly washed over her almost immediately after she moved in, and she quickly referred to Uni’s house as “my home.” She felt “settled” and we are forever grateful. When it came time for her to pass on, Uni stayed by her side with me all night long, lovingly ushering her from this life to the next. If you’re looking for ANGELS to care for your loved one beyond your wildest expectations, don’t delay in meeting Uni. She and her team will bless YOU as well as your loved one.


-Glenda Jones


Our beloved aunt recently passed away which was a terrible loss for us, but we were all the more thankful for the loving care she received at the home of Uni Murphy during the last few weeks of her life. Our whole family wishes we had found Uni much sooner. Uni and her team provide exceptional care in her home, which is not a health facility, but a true “home” with professional physical care. Our aunt always looked tidy and smelled like clean clothes and fresh sheets, which was not easy in her state of health. Uni’s food is delicious and beautifully prepared and presented every day. But most importantly the genuine love and affection makes all the difference. Our aunt was happy there, and truly personally came to love Uni and her team because they loved and cared for her so well. Knowing we were going to lose her, but so pleased that the last few weeks of our aunt’s life were spent as comfortably as possible and with great love and even “fun,” made the experience bearable for everybody. We will always be so grateful for Uni and her team, and we highly recommend their ministry to anyone who needs this special care.



​-Larry C. Hearn and Rev. Sue Ellen Hearn

"I highly recommend Uni Murphy to care for your elderly loved one. Uni "adopts" your loved one as her own and provides care and sensitivity that far exceeds what is received in a commercial elderly care home.

She gets to know your loved one so well that she can customize the care she provides and in turn maximize the quality of life. Superior nutrition is prepared and provided. She cared for my mother for five years and I was greatly comforted knowing she was in Uni's Care."

-Richard Amos

"Uni was an Angel in disguise. 


The night I came to her house and she told me you could make room for my mom even though she were at your max with patients in her home. She was an answer to my prayers for my mom, who had broken both hips and both legs. My mom could not walk and I was unable to take care of her myself. I had looked everywhere and could not find a place where I was confident my mom would be happy at for a long time. It was one of the darkest times of my life, because I loved my mother so much and wanted only the best of care for her.

Uni’s home was an answered prayer. My mom got the best of care, love and attention that she needed. She was given home cooked meals and was able to move around the house as if it were her own. The care givers were so loving and gentle with my mom. Our family was always welcomed to visit and special meals for everyone were provided. I have grandchildren, who were toddlers at the time, and they were welcomed with open arms by all during visits.


It was the best place I could have ever found. The love my mom received is what helped her to heal. I would recommend Uni’s home to anyone looking to home a loved one."

-Susan Cleveland

"Moving mother from her home in Tennessee to Waco was a difficult decision. However, Uni worked with us prior to the move to facilitate a positive introduction and transition for my mothers new life. Mother's need for personal care is high, due to stroke-induced handicaps. She is mentally alert and very social so she needed a place would help her stimulate her mental faculties while helping her with her physical infirmities. Uni and her staff have made extra effort to meet her unusual needs.


Immediately upon meeting Uni, I realized that she has a love for caring for the elderly. She is very patient and kind, and hires employees who share those characteristics. She realizes the importance of helping residents maintain dignity and privacy, enjoy activity, and as much independence as possible. In addition, her employees have the same caring spirit for the residents. She and her staff always look for opportunities to do something special for each resident."

-Jan Crawford

"I want to thank Uni and her staff for taking such good and loving care of my mother. I will miss her but felt blessed she spent her last days in her home. They prepared healthy meals she requested and liked which gave her the strength she needed to carry on until, at 99, the Lord called her home.

May God bless her for the care of sharing your home with those in need, my mother just one of many she and her staff have helped."

-Susan Drew

"I want to express my gratitude to the owner Uni Murphy of Lake Ridge Healthy Living and her staff in organizing such a comfortable institution for old people. Her facility is a private boardinghouse for elderly people where she provides hospice for patients with various circumstances. We liked that warm, incredibly cozy atmosphere that my mother had during the seven months she stayed there. It`s very pleasant and they have a very warm approach to their patients.


The staff is very attentive and shows a genuine concern for their patients. Some of the activities that are regularly engaged in are assisted walks, spending time talking to them, entertaining and organizing different special occasion meals which include relatives.


It is a well organized environment that includes delivery of food to the room, full 24-hour care and medical care by medical specialists. Each person is in the own separate room, which makes their stay more comfortable. Cameras also monitor the patients to ensure the utmost care and safety.


Each patient's dietary needs are taken into account based on the recommendations of the doctor or a nutritionist. Typically, they are provided with 3-6 balanced meals a day. It`s so nice to see the people in her care always neat, brushed and secure should they be confined to a bed or wheelchair.


Thanks for care, you helped very much through a difficult time!"

-Fred and Irina

I met Uni 10 years ago when I worked for Providence Hospice and was assigned as her Hospice Nurse. I was immediately impressed with her Caring heart, how she made each client feel special, how she adapted to each persons individual likes/dislikes, how every day, they were dressed, looking their best with hair, nails, sometimes makeup, done. They would participate in some sort of rehab workouts, in a circle in the living room and often, a form of praise/worship was also enjoyed.

 I have always been able to call on her to take in a client I run across in the course of my work, usually last minute. She has always been accommodating, often  without promise of pay, just because she wants everyone to feel love and to never be alone.  She has even gone, or had her staff, go stay with clients in their own home, if I have needed her.

I have gone with her as she takes food, medicine or supplies, to elderly neighbors who have no family close.

You will not find someone who will love and care for your loved one, more than Uni and her staff. I have been blessed to call her a friend and spend a lot of time in her home, and with her staff and am invited to all the wonderful gatherings she throws. The food is always delicious and plentiful. There is almost always a 'theme' with decorations, props and something she insists you 'wear'.  Uni is truly "AN ANGEL".

 I highly recommend Lake Ridge Healthy Living. You won't be disappointed and will become part of a Family.

 Feel free to contact me.

-Kathleen Kazda, RN

"If you are looking for a safe, loving, and compassionate private care home that will far exceed anything offered by a nursing or assisted living facility, I strongly recommend you consider entrusting your loved one to Uni Murphy’s care.   My mother spent her last weeks at Uni’s private care home (Lake Ridge Healthy Living), and for that I will be eternally grateful.  


In the course of one week after falling my 85 year old mother went from being independent, driving, and living unassisted, to being totally incapable of caring for herself in any manner.  I am convinced beyond doubt that had mom gone to Saint Catherine's another care facility, or even stayed in the hospital, she would have survived only several days, not several weeks. I distinctly remember walking into the hospital (several times) and seeing the food on her tray and the milk cartoon with a straw sitting in front of her - with her being totally incapable of feeding or hydrating herself.  NEVER the case at Uni's.


Because of Uni’s care mom was given the opportunity to spend quality time with her family, her boyfriend, and her friends before passing, and then to pass in the most dignified manner possible.  Uni provided me the peace of mind of knowing that no better care was possible for my mother, and this allowed me to honor work commitments without the guilt of worrying about my mother’s care or welfare – especially important for me as I am an only child, and live and work 4000 miles from Waco.


I learned of Uni from the Highland Baptist Church Senior Adult coordinator who visits all the Highland seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Waco – she has seen every facility - and at unannounced times.  Lynn highly recommended that I meet Uni.  I was skeptical that a “private care home” environment was the right choice for mom and sense checked the option with the Hospice Case nurse at Providence I had developed a relationship with.  Her response was immediate –“ if you can manage to get your mother in with Uni, there is no better place in Waco”.  She went further to state that if her disabled son required continual care, Uni was the only one she would entrust him to without reservation.  After that endorsement, I moved Lake Ridge to the “must see” list. 


I called Uni and she invited me to come see her private care home for myself even though it was late in the evening.   Uni showed me her home and how it was set up to care for elderly or hospice guests and explained to me how she managed and provided care to her guests, and what her history of care giving entailed.  I met both of the elderly ladies Uni was caring for and also the daughter of one of the ladies.  The daughter told me that I would find no better care for my mother in Waco, and that her mother had been with Uni over three years.  My misconceptions and unfounded fears of a “ private home care environment” were quickly dispelled.  I reserved mom's room on the spot.


Mom was discharged from Providence (under Hospice) the following day and came to live with Uni.  For the next several weeks Uni provided complete care for my mother that is simply not available elsewhere – home cooked meals blended to make proper nutrition easy for the patient, personal bathing and grooming (not from hospice every several days), continual personal attention and interaction, and on mom’s restless nights when she was agitated and trying to get out of the alarmed bed or remove her clothing, Uni was there with her – sleeping on a pallet on the floor if necessary.   It was care above and beyond all my expectations.   Uni’s experience with the elderly and hospice nurses becomes evident quickly – and she is well respected by the Hospice nurses.


I know mom loved Uni and appreciated her beyond words.   Mom and I were both blessed that Uni has been part of our lives.  If you have a loved one that needs the kind of care Lake Ridge provides, I believe that you owe it to them and yourself to meet with and talk to Uni.  You will quickly see, as I did, that Uni has a gift, and a passion for what she does for others – a very rare commodity in today’s world."

-Gary Herring 
-Fred's mother with her dog

Uni Murphy and her team are beyond description. Spike Pattillo, my dear friend of many years, told me about Uni and her care for Sherry’s mom. When my mother-in-law, Dorothy Shellenberger, could no longer stay at home we needed the best alternative we could find for her. Uni was/is the best ever! Personal care, loving care, delicious food, constant companionship - all we ever imagined was a reality with Uni! I looked so forward to sharing a meal with Dorothy and getting to, on a beautiful day, to dine with her on her balcony overlooking Lake Waco! Uni’s care for Dorothy was superlative to the end of Dorothy’s life in August of 2016. Little did I know them that my reliance on Uni had only just begun.


My widowed sister, who lived in Kansas, fell and hit her head on basement stairs. Her downward spiral started soon after. Before Christmas in 2016 I called Uni and asked if she would care for my sister Linda. Uni drove to a halfway point in Oklahoma to meet my sister’s caregiver to bring Linda “home” to Texas. Once again Uninand her team at Lake Ridge provided superlative, loving care. Linda lasted only a few months - but what wonderful days and weeks I had with her - and just knowing I had the very best care for her was such a relief for me. At the end Uni was by my sister’s side. She hand bathed her to keep her cool and comfortable (Linda’s fever was spiking). There really aren’t words to say that reflect my true feelings about Uni, and her wonderful team. In a short time I was blessed by her - and her wonderful team of caregivers. I give Uni and Lake Ridge my highest recommendation! Spike was indeed right! Uni is an angel ministering to those of us in great need. Thank you Uni for using your gift so powerfully in my life!!

-Gains West 

"Trusting Uni Murphy to care for my father at the end of his life was a decision that changed the course of my family’s frightening ordeal into one of peace, relief and confidence.


After being released from the hospital into hospice care, my brother and I struggled to meet the overwhelmingly demanding needs of caring for my father in his home. After two weeks of sleepless nights, exhausting days and evidence that my father’s condition was only getting worse, we knew he needed much more than we could give him.


Dad hated hospitals and would be miserable at St. Catherine's, thankfully, a friend told me about Uni at Lake Ridge Healthy Living. 

Words cannot describe the transformation in my father after just a few days with Uni and her lovely, dedicated team. Daddy’s infections were cleared, medications that allowed him to rest were administered (through a new Hospice company, Southern Care) he was dressed with dignity and appeared like his former, handsome self.


Uni provided the most delicious and varied meals (homemade sushi, Eggs Benedict, BBQ ribs, fresh caught Alaskan Salmon- you name it! AND she always invited us to join them at meals!) We were always welcome to visit, and one night a week was “Family Night.” Families would gather for a “happy hour” that included appetizers and socialization.


Uni’s home has a gorgeous deck with a spectacular view of the lake. Residents dine with sunset views over the lake- it’s exactly what I would dream of for my dad and the exact opposite of that he would have had in a institutional setting. He absolutely adored Uni!

Uni will forever be at the very top of my “Go Straight to Heaven” list, but I truly believe she already is an angel. I will be forever grateful, and could say so much more about this remarkable woman and the gift she gave to my father and family.


If you are considering Lake Ridge Healthy Living for your loved one, rest assured, you will find no better alternative, there is no comparison."

-Tom and Elizabeth Finch

My precious mother fought cancer for 5 ½ years before she was born into Heaven on November 14, 2017.  Just a couple of weeks before her passing I took off work to go and visit with her.  She had just been put on Hospice.  During my stay, I realized that mom could not be left alone.  She was declining fast. 


My brother had set up Hospice to come to her house.  Hospice was only going to come once a week.  As I observed mom’s decline in such a short period of time, I knew I had to do something different.  The Hospice nurse recommended I put her in a facility.  I thought to myself, this beautiful mother of mine has been with me through thick and thin.  She gave me life, changed my poopy diapers, nursed me, helped me through a severe depression as I was divorcing my ex-husband, and the list goes on and on. 


There was no way I was going to miss her final days.  So I basically kidnapped her and took her home with me!  I didn’t tell a soul.  I just did it!  You see, I live 90 miles from where mom lived.  The whole way home, I felt like I had swallowed a canary.  I had no idea how the heck I was going to make this work.  I have a full-time job, and I’m a single mom with a 9-year-old at home.  I messaged one of the smartest, kindest, compassionate people I know for help, Kathleen Kazda.  She got right on it and found Liz Kriston for me.  Liz is Uni Murphy’s daughter and works at Lake Ridge Healthy Living.  Liz is truly an angel on earth as is her mother, Uni.  Liz treated my mother with much compassion and respect.  They watched movies and ate popcorn.  They had pleasant talks.  Liz helped mom exercise as much as possible.  Liz took care of mom’s every need. 


A couple of days before mom’s passing, Uni and Liz started to sing hymns to mom.  Liz stayed around the clock with mom and the rest of our family until mom’s final breath.  Liz was connected to my mother on a spiritual level.  Liz is an Angel not just a caretaker.  She is a truly amazing woman with a special gift for caring for the elderly and dying.  Liz and Uni helped me give my mother the perfect place to die.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect which leaves me with a certain peace knowing that I helped give my mother this precious gift. 


The last words mom spoke to me were, “I love you.”  My most beautiful mother, Julia Mae Patin, born May 19, 1942 died on November 14, 2017 surrounded by her loved ones and an angel on earth, Liz Kriston. 

-Jennifer Patin

After my father’s death, my mother continued to live in the home they had occupied together for over 40 years, and in which they had raised their family.  During her 92nd year she began to lose the ability to take care of herself independently. 


My brothers and I first utilized in home care in an effort to keep her in her own home.  That worked for a while but it became increasingly difficult to staff it properly and make sure she had help at all times. 


At that point we were fortunate enough to be told about Uni Murphy and Lake Ridge Healthy Living by friends whose parents had lived there.  It turned out that a number of our friends had placed their parents with Uni and each of them had nothing but glowing compliments about the loving care that had been provided them. 


We were somewhat hesitant to move mom out of her home but couldn’t have found a better place for her.  She reciwecved the absolute best around the clock care and supervision and immediately felt as if she were part of Uni’s family.  It was a blessing for us to have this level of professionalism and personal attention for her and I can’t recommend Uni highly enough. 


I have never seen anyone as hard working, thoughtful, and kind as she is.  If you have any questions about our experience please feel free to call me and I will be happy to share my thoughts.

-Howard Baskin

My mom Jeanne Barrett suffered from Alzheimers and after our father passed we cared for Mom at home but after several years and as she began to decline we were no longer able to care for her there.


When we began our search  to find a new place for Mom we knew we wanted a place that would still feel like a home for her and after searching the available options we came across Lake Ridge Healthy Living.  We placed Mom there and Uni and her staff were instrumental in having and implementing ideas that would ease Mom's transition. 


Once Mom was there that became her home and we were encouraged to treat the house as home.  Her medical care was excellent as Uni's experience over the years has allowed her to have specific knowledge when dealing with Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinson's and hospice care.   The home was always clean and my mothers personal hygiene was exceptional. 


The food is beyond compare and  we had many family birthdays and celebrations there.  Uni would fix whatever menu we desired as well as decorations, cakes, everything to make it a festive occasion. Over time Lake Ridge truly felt like home we all became family and we have felt honored that Uni cared for our mother in such a loving, caring and exceptional manner.

-Amy, Pane, Terry, Jerry Don Barrett

I’m so grateful for Uni and her staff for providing the respite care for Mom, who is my father’s caregiver. The meals served, games played, environment provided and the outings my father enjoys are amazing!  The flexibility of the services Uni offers is an added bonus for my mom, allowing her to leave my father at Lake Ridge Healthy Living for a variety of times or reasons.  Thank you Uni for all you’ve done for our family over the years!

-Jenny Amos
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